Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy serves to inform your personal data is collected, used, and shared whenever you create any form of contract with (the “Site”), including but not limited to; casual browsing of our website and/or product catalog, creating a user account, and conducting a purchase.

Data and Personal Information

Once you visit or engage the Site, we hereby collect information in the form of, but not limited to, “cookies,” “log files,” “web beacons,” “tags,” and “pixels.” You may choose to disable any of these features on your side, but please be informed that it might affect your experience on this Site.

This Site, upon your approval as per your network and device settings, will automatically collect “Data” such as, but not limited to;

  • Your web browser
  • Your IP address
  • Your location
  • Your browser cookies

We also collect information on how you interact with this Site as “Device Information”. Some of the “Device Information” we collect are;

  • Your search terms
  • Your viewed pages
  • Your viewed products

Upon creating a contract with our site either by conducting a purchase or signing up for an account, we hereby inform you that some of the “Order Information” we collect may include, but are not limited to;

  • Your name
  • Your billing address
  • Your shipping address
  • Your payment information – including your credit/debit card numbers, email address, and phone number

Our collective “Data and Personal Information” therefore feature the three aspects of your “Data,” “Device Information,” and “Order Information.” 

Data and Personal Information Use

The “Data” and “Personal Information” collected via this site are generally used for, but are not limited to;

  • Optimize your user experience – by improving this Site based on analysis of your behaviors during every Site visit or engagement
  • Prevent incidents of potential risk or fraud – giving special attention to your IP address
  • Generate communication – for payment, shipping, and tracking processes, invoices, and order confirmations
  • Provide information or advertisements on our services and products as per your set preferences
  • Delivery of service – such as processing your membership registration, voucher redemptions, points collection, product purchases, and product shipping

Third-party Sites and Sharing

The “Data” and “Personal Information” collected on this site may be shared with third-party sites such as Google Analytics in order to better understand your preferences for our services and products. We might also share them with apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and other similar apps for marketing purposes.

Other sharings are done solely for the purpose of complying with applicable laws and regulations established by the governing authorities. Your “Personal Information” will also be shared in order to protect our rights in the event of subpoenas, lawful requests, and other similar information.

Behavioral Marketing and Advertising

As stated above, your “Data” and “Personal Information” may be used for marketing and advertising purposes not limited to; emails and newsletters, social media feed advertisements, and text messages. We may send you communications on the latest promotions, changes to the Sites, and more.

Please be informed that you may opt out of any marketing and advertising communications from us at any time. However, this means that we might not be able to share with you relevant promotions and product sales in a timely manner.

Do Not Track Feature

Please be assured that our Site will not alter any of our Site features whenever you opt for the “Do Not Track” feature on your devices.

Data Retention

All the “Data” and “Personal Information” collected via our Site will be kept on our record unless stated otherwise. These records may be used for, but are not limited to, speeding up your next transaction, tailored browsing experience, and relevant marketing advertisements.

Policy Changes

This “Privacy Policy” is subject to periodic updates when necessary due to any changes in our services, company policy, governing laws, regulations, and other similar circumstances. We recommend you review our “Privacy Policy” from time to time should you not be notified by us.

Should you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us during the work hours listed.